Information for Laser cut polycarbonate sheet

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Polycarbonate is an impact resistant, clear plastic with a glossy surface. It is often used for windows, protective glass, signage etc. and is also good for stencils. If the stencil is used with a roller or sponge, 1mm polycarbonate is best to use.

Please note that the edges become yellowish/brownish after laser cutting and the actual material does not look so nice. 

Try wiping with a damp cloth to remove any traces of soot and lean it up against a clean surface before being used.


Information for Laser cut polycarbonate(Share from Andrew)

Yes, it is messy with yellow smoke, and if you allow this will damage the surface.

Our rules for cuttying polycarbonate are:

1. Mask everything on both sides before cutting.

2. Use air assist with a high flow rate of air.

3. Cut slow with full power.

4. Stop and clean the laser every 4 to 5 hours.

Follow these rules and you can get a better result than seen above although still not optically purfect.

Once nice thing about polycarbaonate is that we find that when we put it on our small CNC machine after laser cutting is that it machines very well to a great finish. Small scale CNC would be a much cheaper option than high pressure waterjet.

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